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dressing right coverDressing Right

Lots of male eye candy in this lovely book from the fashionable 1970s. Even without looking at the pub date, I can tell from the picture it is late 1970s, because of the “Annie Hall” type of look the men are sporting. (True confession: I wanted to dress like Annie Hall in college. Found out the hard way, I can’t really pull off a hat or tie.)

As far as this book is concerned there is lots of advice on body type. Don’t miss the drawing of the men in underwear. I am also amused that the chapter on color has no color photos. For the most part, it is a fashion guide that is light on the “guide” and more about style. For the fashion clueless, I think there could be better material. This book is mostly at looking at man candy.


body types

colorful ideas

moving along

casual dress

miltary influence


  1. Thank you, ALB, for making my day. […fans self…] It says something about how many times we’ve travelled around the fashion circle since 1978 that the smokin’ hot guy on the cover could just about pull off that look now. Dressing-to-body-type advice remains relevant, style-101 information. However, the white knee socks…and the amount of product going on in those last two pages… There’s a great article about the author, Charles Hix, in the New York Times from 2008:

  2. That poor mesomorph got all the bad luck. Paunchy, balding and a porn mustache. He hit the trifecta!

  3. I love the guy predating the Harry Potter look in that second-to-last spread!

  4. Did men (straight or gay) actually wear these kinds of outfits in the real world?

    Also, I wonder if Ron Jeremy was the model for the endomorph. 🙂

  5. I remember this book fondly, and at one point owned both it and “Working Out,” “Man Alive, and “Looking Good,” all by the same author, and at the time extraordinarily useful. Now of course styles have changed, and style/fitness advice is readily available on the internet (although the definition of a mesomorph hasn’t changed, horizontal stripes still make you look fat, and push-ups still target your pecs, triceps, and shoulders). I can see weeding it, but just wanted to put in a good word for the book, for its time.

  6. I remember the military look was popular when I was a kid in the 70’s, but I don’t recall sporting a canteen as part of the look.

  7. From the elegant Gatsby look to the disco fever/Burt Reynolds chest hair…to the short-shorts, I can “get down” with that 70s look!

  8. You’re right, Michael. If that illustration was of a mesomorph the endomorph would resemble Jaba the Hutt.

  9. I feel uncomfortable looking at the guy in his boxer shorts. I feel like I’m interrupting a very private moment.

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