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teen guide to staying sober

Teen Guide to Staying Sober

The Drug Abuse Prevention Series is one that has popped up regularly. My gripe was mostly the poor (read: cheap) pictures that illustrated the books. Sometimes they were just odd, others seemed to have nothing to do with the topic. I think they looked dated even when they were fresh from the publisher. Take a look at some of these companion titles from this series:

Time to retire the series or at least get some newer material.


alcohol basics


alcolism in the family

teen passed out


  1. The indoor pictures you’ve selected all look like they were taken with an Instamatic with a flash bulb right on the camera. Flat, bright lighting casting harsh shadows.

    This is why professional photographers DON’T shoot flash that way.

    1. Ya know, I had an Instamatic with flash cubes, and I often got better pictures than this. In the 70s.

      By 1998, you had to WORK to get pictures this bad.

  2. Ummm….anyone else think that last pic belongs in the Teen Guide to Porn Addiction series? Considering where the guy’s hands are…

    1. I think they are a woman. What the paper hanging on the wall is I’m interested in, because it is folded/hung like a calendar but isn’t layed out like one.

    2. To me it just looks like hands in a lap. She could be saying “ugh! I hate this class” or something.

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