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snacks and appetizers

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Snacks and Appetizers

Who doesn’t love snacks? For those of you unwilling to grab chips and dip from the supermarket, you can spend time whipping up some really special and good looking treats for the whole family.

My favorite is the olive roll-ups. It looks like a plate of eyeballs. I have decided that green olives just don’t photograph well and make almost every dish look a bit disturbing. You can check out all the cookbooks we’ve posted and I dare you to find an appetizing dish featuring green olives.

The rest of the appetizers look like stuff my parents used to serve at neighborhood cocktail parties when I was a teen.  Think about some of these choices for your next party.


snacks back cover



  1. I’d like to know why there’s something that looks like a sex toy on the book’s cover…

  2. I think the problem is just the dated photography. Modern cookbooks don’t add that ‘warmth’ filter. Everything is very bright and clear. Probably someone could take this basic material and remarket it and no one would be any the wiser. Cookbooks are always full of recipes that are impossible to make.

  3. Green olives are better than black olives, but ONLY if you suck/blow the pimentoe out. Those are nasty. Or just get ones without any adulteration out.

  4. The “Hot Broccoli Dip” recipe has me washing out my mind’s mouth, if that’s a possible thing. OTOH, I still sometimes make radish roses, and yes, the salmon/cucumber thing looks and reads like it might be tasty.

  5. That cranberry-yogurt dip, minus the sugar and cinnamon, might make an awesome spread for turkey sandwiches. It would be easy enough to mix some plain greek yogurt (so it’s thicker) with some canned cranberry sauce and a hint of nutmeg.

    …I need to go to the grocery store now!

  6. This may be proof that there is something seriously wrong with me, but the Hot Broccoli dip sounds kind of good.

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