Smelly fun for the kids

mystery smell balloon

How To Make A Mystery Smell Balloon

I came across this title while I was browsing the catalog. Since the title was weird, I had to see what this was all about. Smelly balloons, really? This is actually a science book and is quite fun. I can see why kids would really find this fun. (As a parent, maybe not so much.) When my kids were young, they would have been all over this book.  Maybe it wouldn’t be on their radar unless maybe they filed it under jokes/pranks.

As a youth librarian, I could even see this as a program. What could possibly go wrong?


back cover getting started how to make a balloon mystery smell balloon science


  1. A garlic-scented balloon might be a fun little Halloween prank, especially if there are people dressed like vampires. 🙂

  2. This combines science with the ‘Ick Factor’ that kids love. I’d keep it and put it in a display for Halloween or April Fool’s Day.

    It’s a bit more subtle than the smell prank of my youth. That was hiding Limburger cheese behind the radiator.

    1. Had a friend in high school who went into the city to buy a chunk of Limburger and then set it on the car engine block of someone he was mad at. He went to a lot of effort for revenge.

  3. WTFC?!? “Garlic molecule”??! I am going to light this book on fire with a half-smoked cigarette (cf. Cup and Saucer Chemistry)!!

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