Smash the Patriarchy with Crafts

Crafting with feminism cover

Crafting with Feminism

From time to time, Holly and I will run into a an item that just has us cracking up, and we want to share. You might remember the What would Jesus Craft book from a while back, or perhaps these books.  Remember that awfulness is in the eye of the beholder.

Since one of my collection responsibilities is craft books, I couldn’t wait to share this with everyone. This book had me laughing and and reaching for crafts supplies. Given that we just had the Women’s March last weekend, I thought you all would appreciate this post.

Lots of awesome projects that actually look reasonably easy to do. I featured a couple of samples crafts below. You will love projects like the uterus body pillow, feminist hero finger puppets and the male chauvinist tears coffee mug. So break out your inner craft goddess and get crafting.




Monster Week Tampon Case Craft

Strong Female Character Prayer Candles craft

Pizza not patriarchy reusable lunch bag craft


  1. advanced crafting: spray paint a brick gold and throw it through the window of the patriarchical organization of your choice!

  2. I like the monster case, but I’d have to make two of them. One that looks like the monster pictured for keeping things like pens or pencils in, and a much meaner, scarier monster to hold pads, pain relievers and chocolate Actually I get PMS symptoms for as early as two weeks so it might need more than that… like a lock to help me not to get a hold of sharp objects or weapons. I wish I was kidding about that last one.

  3. I could really use the “nope” one this week with all this ugly stuff in the news,!

  4. Ooo, I thought “How to Make Your Man a Senstive Man” was also a craft project. But, no, it’s another book.

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