Sister Pussycat

Sister Pussycat

Don’t you just love this title? (Insert tasteless joke here)

English nurse, Catriona Quinton is very sad and has been cut off from her nieces by an evil wife of her brother. Naturally she runs to New South Wales, Australia to become a “house mother” to a bunch of neglected and orphaned kids. They call her Sister Pussycat. Really. Naturally, there is a handsome doctor named David. Naturally, she becomes emotionally involved and you can guess the rest.


Sister Pussycat back cover

Sister Pussycat excerpt


  1. That was the most confusing and disjointed conversation I have ever read. All those dashes—-

  2. Do people really keep books like this (I’m talking condition here) in their collections?

  3. Catriona Quinton? That’s a mouthful of a name! Then again, the author has an interesting name herself?
    I love the sample pages. This might be my family’s next “read-aloud” bad book! My teenage son reads bad romance novels to us, in funny voices. Strange, but it’s good family together time! Amazon has it for 1 cent!

  4. So he gave her a tetanus shot before even looking to see that it was glass and not a nail embedded in her foot. Mmkay.

  5. Debi: Tetanus is a soil-borne bacteria. A rusty nail is the classic vector, but you can get it from any deep wound from an object that has been out in the dirt.

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