Sissy Squats

Athletic Body coverBruce Jenner’s The Athletic Body: A Complete Fitness Guide for Teenagers
Jenner and Cobbins

Submitter: This book was weeded from a suburban high school in Georgia. Really everything about this book, including the exercises & title, is outdated. I wonder if Caitlyn would cringe about the ‘sissy’ squats terminology? It could be considered a little offensive in today’s world. My favorite part of the book is the dedication page to “all the future Jenner kids”… who knew there would be so many Kardashian ones as well?!

Holly: Sissy squats? That’s awful! What’s with the kids’ pants on the cover, too? They’re HUGE!

flexibility exercises

Sissy Squats

Muscle chart


  1. This should have been weeded in the 90s, when kids didn’t know who Bruce was, post-Olympics and pre-Kardashian. Certainly no later than when Caitlin appeared on the scene!

    Apparently this is “Bruce stands around and watches other people exercise”?

    The cover girl’s shorts are okay, they keep her from displaying any untoward outlines, but there’s no excuse whatsoever for the boy to be wearing those giant pants. This was even before Hammer Time!

  2. They’re still called sissy squats, but have fallen out of favor in the past few decades or so as a common movement. Still, effective exercise.

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