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hobbies for pleasure and profit

Hobbies for Pleasure and Profit

The words pleasure and profit show up in quite a few titles around ALB. Remember Applehead Dolls? Or maybe Enameling? I had no idea there was so much pleasure and profit in craft projects. But I digress.

There are all sorts of ideas in this little book. How about cooking for men? I guess women can just order takeout. There is even a suggestion for daydreaming. Really. Our author suggests starting with murder. Don’t worry, this is only an exercise in working your imagination. (I hope.) Take all these crazy daydreams and then go create the Great American Novel.

Go forth and get some pleasure and profit for yourself. You’re welcome.


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  1. The concentration on murder in the Daydream chapter was a bit disturbing. However, it did prompt me to look up the Hall-Mills case. It made for interesting reading.

    1. I had a similar reaction about that long forgotten “trial of the century” case. I think it was actually the next county over or similar.

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