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TV Vet Sheep Book coverTV Vet  Sheep Book
TV Vet

Think of this as DIY manual for the sheep farmer. Evidently, this is part of a series of books on animal husbandry.  I am really curious on the TV aspect of this series. Perhaps this is an offshoot of an all-farm channel?

Of course, veterinary medicine ages, just as any science or health book. Having worked in a semi-rural area library, this type of material is often considered a core subject. Maybe a university library would think this is worth something, but public libraries can let this antique go.



TV Vet Sheep back cover

Guide to good lambing

Getting the ewe in the correct position

Lambing sickness


  1. According to wiki, the TV Vet was Eddie Straiton, a British rural vet who hosted a show called “Farming Today” and was a technical advisor on “All Creatures Great and Small” – so he was fairly well regarded at the time.
    I kind of love that cover. If I came across the whole set at a thrift shop or library sale I might pick it up 🙂

  2. Although cable television was available in some areas by 1972, there wouldn’t have been an “all farm channel” before the basic cable networks came into being, mostly in the 1980s (Ted Turner’s “Superstation” was launched in 1976). The “All Creatures” connection makes sense, though.

  3. Lambing sickness? I thought that’s what you get when you get burnt out on livestock farming. *ba dum tiss*

  4. This was a very good series at the time. A friend had the horse one. The photographs were better for diagnosis than the old style line drawings in my vet book. Imagine they are still relevant, treatments will have changed but the symptoms of animal disease will have remained the same.

  5. I think the real measure of this book would be whether or not it contains a recipe for Granny Aching’s Special Sheep Liniment.

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