1. I once sold a used book on this question to a therapist who commented that he needed it right away.

  2. The title isn’t a question. To me it read as a theoretical problem already existing, like “Should a man do such and such,” then how can we handle it.
    But, it isn’t a question. Like the movie, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” It is not a question!

    1. Oh, yes — I saw a good movie about that, starring Helen Hunt and John Hawkes, called “The Sessions.” Really well done — he was a severely disabled man and she was the therapist, based on a true story/memoir. My wonderful local theater (the Coolidge Corner Theatre) had Hawkes and someone else from the film (director? screenplay writer?) for Q&A afterwards. Hawkes impressed me very much — not a Hollywood actor ego at all.

  3. Without knowing more about the tape, I am just going to be boring and assume they mean intercourse with the “friendly conversation” definition. As in, should a therapist just listen to their patients or should they engage them in friendly discussion?

  4. What I really like here is Submitter’s statement that it should be condensed into a five-second recording of the word NO. Because honestly? I am going to say the word “no” for five seconds right here:


    (I counted the seconds as I held the “o” key.) And I must say I agree with Submitter. The answer is not just NO, but rather a *five-second-long* NO.

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