Sexy Home Improvement

Hands on book

Hands On
A Manual for Getting the Job Done

How about a little man candy to start your day?

Riffing on the home improvement theme, the author incorporates some photos with some not too subtle puns. The author is a professional photographer and published Porn for Women, which had a similar set up. Instead of sexy guys vacuuming or taking care of a baby, this time we have sexy guys doing home improvements. I loved both books.

Holly often talks about serendipity in library collections. This is one of those fun books that is readable in 5 minutes. You have a chuckle or two, and then set it back on the cart. More than a few times, I have seen people sit on the floor, right in the stacks and read a book. Unfortunately, these books might not register on a circulation report. As much as Holly and I talk a ruthless game in weeding, this is one situation where circ reports could be misleading. Books like this should be front facing and available for someone to just thumb through the book. I want patrons to just happen upon books like this, just to break up their library fun.

Now, go hire yourself a handyman.


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    1. Maybe, maybe not. Construction is so strongly associated with men that seeing women doing it might balance it out. Or just confuse people who want to be offended.

    2. It’s called “The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.” And the backlash is still too little, too late.

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