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Cat Names
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Evidently, the right name for the cat requires research and a book of naming advice. I guess this is a big deal and I am sure that the cat wants to weigh in on this important decision. My feeling is that cats might indeed recognize their own name but that wouldn’t have any impact on the day to day business of napping and food.

I am particularly happy that the author was kind enough to give a category for “sexpot” names. Given the choices of Veronica Lake or Jane Russell dates this book even for the 1980s.


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  1. What is with the color-coded names?? I once named a black cat “Apple Blossom” –just because.

  2. Liz and Dick? Well, my cats are indoor only house cats, so at least no one would hear me calling Dick!
    “Sexy” cats? That’s just weird.
    My cats are Velvet and Benny. Benny is short for, not Benjamin, “Bensonmum.” Don’t get it? Look it up! Benny fits the description of the “Latin lover” cat Antonio, he loves on me the same way. But, “sexy?” Just ewww…

  3. Never mind the “sexy” names, one of the names suggested for an orange-yellow-ginger cat is O.J. and yes, I do know that O.J. is supposed to stand for “Orange Juice”, as if that will make it okay. Lulu sounds like the little cartoon girl and therefore not sexy at all, unless you’re a very sick human being, which you probably are already for wanting to give a cat a sexy name.

      1. I also named an orange cat Julius! His brother was Michael Jackson, but named after the fake MJ/mental patient episode of The Simpsons- he was a big, gruff kitty with a soft, breathy meow.

    1. Lulu is the famous Louise Brooks character from Pandora’s Box. (It’s from German plays before that, but the book clearly has a cinematic taste.)

    1. Is Mr. Jingles a common cat name? My Benny’s original name (his old owner “lost” him and didn’t want him back!) was Mr. Jingles.

  4. Given that they included Pola Negri, I think they were *trying* for historical sexy names. They should have included Sarah Bernhardt.

  5. Look at the name suggestions for black cats – “Tarbaby” and “Mandingo.” Yikes! How old is this book, exactly?

  6. Wow. I think I’d really need to buy a book to figure out that a name for a white cat might include “Whitey.” How very imaginative!

    I much prefer knowing that a friend of mine has a black cat named Blanche.

  7. Irrespective of the written content of the book – and I doubt Heathrow, Preswick, Poirot, Maigret or for our most recent acquisition Nibbles Grignote feature – the two illustrations shown are enchanting and mean that I want that book.

  8. Don’t mind me, I’m just here to go “awww” over the cute cover.

    Most of my cats have people names, like Corey or Arabella.

  9. I go with names of illustrious horses — I currently have Trigger (he is palomino) and in the past I had Seabiscuit and Nasrullah, shortened to Scootie and Roly. The cats don’t seem to care what I call them, as long as I don’t call them late for dinner.

  10. Another catlady librarian here–and we have had a lot of different cats who have, on the whole, earned their names. Such as Clawdia–or: Her Royal Highness, Princess Clawdia, High Priestess of Mousing and Beheader of Bunnies (Retired). Or the orange ones–Jasper (he’s quite a Bubba) and Harley (owned by a motorcycle guy, Harley had a LOUD purr). Hemi is our Dodge fan’s cat. And there’s the tabbie, Chesapeake AndOhio (one word) AKA Chessie. Or Dynamite, the Basement Cat, my husband’s little buddy. As an unnamed kitten, she would sit on the old wooden Hercules Black Powder box in the living room, staring at him. One day he shouted “Dynamite!” “What?” I exclaimed, startled. “Her name! It’s Dynamite!” She was so proud of him for figuring it out (it only took two weeks) that she hopped up on him and curled up under his chin.

  11. The best cat name I’ve heard was Marmaduke Gingerbits – there was a custody battle over who owned him – the other party said he was theirs and his name was Ginger.

  12. My brother-in-law bought my niece a calico kitten and named it Tim, fully aware that she is female. When my niece moved out and took Tim with her, my brother-in-law got a new kitten and named it Tim-Too.

    1. I forgot to mention that I love the illustrations. My cats are Jack and Bloo. My daughter named Jack and I chose Bloo’s name because he is gray. Breeders call gray blue so I picked a cartoon character who was blue as my name inspiration. His full name is Blooregard Q. Kazoo (Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends).

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