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Coping With
Sexual Harassment and Gender Bias

Another old one from the “Coping with…” series. I just cringe at the covers of some of these books. (See this one and this one.) I think that jamming sexual harassment in with gender bias is asking too much of small book. I think they should be separate books.

This subject matter is important for teens. A book from the late 1990s isn’t going to be helpful in 2022. Aside from the creepy cover art, the content is probably on par for the late 1990s. We could argue about how much has NOT changed in over 20 years, but there has been way more dialogue on this topic than in the 1990s. Weed it and don’t look back.



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  1. I agree with Mary on the fugly cover, the datedness, and that it should have been 2 books.

    But there are so many more resources and laws about sexual harassment nowadays.

    Also, These Kids Today probably know the difference between sex and gender, and that it isn’t a binary.

    1. I am still impressed they had it out in 1998. That it isn’t a suitable book now doesn’t make me think less of it because it was good at time of publishing. :)(

      1. IIRC, The first episode of Ally McBeal had her win a suit for sexual harassment but get fired anyway, whereupon she ended up at the place with the wacky adventures. That was about this time.

        So people were starting to get a clue.

  2. The cover is instructive; anyone who works at a library and has had to de-escalate situations with patrons who harass other patrons or staff knows one of the warning signs is placement of the body: approaching anybody from their front and on an angle (not straight forward) is the least invasive and humblest stance to take. Approaching from the back is manipulative and aggressive. The (employee) on the cover creeping up like a vampire to the back of the person sitting shows that (employee) needs to be banned permanently from employment. He’ll be sorry if she’s not just a potential but a full fledged slayer. Fire him and don’t look back.

    1. The others were aimed at high school students and on school-related topics (one was “Coping with … difficult teachers”) so I think this is an out of touch teacher and student of his.

  3. Cover shows both racism and sexism in action. She could elbow him in his family jewels (pyrite and zirconia).

    1. LOL. I’d be surprised if they’re as good as pyrite and zirconia.

      IRL she’s probably too shocked/scared to elbow him where it counts. But I wish she would.

      Maybe your comment can be instructive for the women of today as to an action they should take. “Whoops, sorry boss you startled me, it was a reflex” while he’s writhing on the ground. I bet once word of that gets around, he’ll knock it off. And all the other women in the office will buy her drinks and dinner.

  4. I don’t like the title. I know it isn’t meant that way, but “coping with” just sounds like they’re telling you how to tollerate it. Confronting or Fighting would be a better term.

  5. I do like that it’s an older white guy in a tie menacing a younger POC woman. That’s still very realistic. Both the models did a good job portraying the subject matter.

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