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Submitter: The library has been in the news lately when news broke about the large amounts of books they recently weeded. I guess they missed these two.

Holly: I guess so! The book itself was probably¬†just fine for a public library¬†in 1969. I take no exception to the topic it covers, at least. Dr. Rubin was 78 when he wrote this book (born in 1891), so at least his over-60 clientele could relate. Nowadays, I wouldn’t trust the information to be accurate. A more “interesting” note about Dr. Rubin is that he was a eugenicist. One of his most popular books was “Eugenics and Sex Harmony” in 1933. I’ll pass on that one, thank you, but “Your Mysterious Glands” sounds fascinating.

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Thymus and Adrenals

Desireable weight


  1. A 60 year old in 1969 was born in the Edwardian Age, and had lived through World Wars I & II. They would have turned 18 in 1927. A 60 year old in 2014 was born in 1954, and turned 18 in 1972. There is no way the sexual histories of those respective groups would be even vaugely similar!

  2. I’ve just noticed the nutritional advice on the last scan is wildly out of date. The standard recommendation is to eat 2000 calories a day, definitely not 3200. And the “calorie needs” should definitely not be made up of 15% protein, 25% fat and 60% carbs!

  3. I wanna hear his suggestions on 60+ women attracting males in 1969 (inner 13-yr-old boy guffaw here)!

  4. I own a Victorian home medical reference book with a chapter on “eugenics and sex harmony”. It’s fairly hilarious. Before deciding to get married, every sensible couple should sit down and go through their families’ medical histories to make sure they don’t have any incompatible “taints” in their lineage. For instance, if both family histories include someone with tuberculosis (pretty likely at the time), then the couple shouldn’t marry in case they pass on a double dose of tuberculous taint to their children.

    The author then goes on to discuss how you can detect various types of constitution in the face. So if you don’t know your family medical history, you can always compare face shapes with your fiancee to decide whether you have good “sex harmony” or not.

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