Sewing with Yarn

Sewing with Yarn coverSewing with Yarn
Schwartz and Stevenson

Submitter: This book is definitely showing its age. There are references to wood shop class and dime stores, and the illustrations aren’t the best. The “hooded mask” project should also raise more than a few eyebrows.

Holly: Yeah, that mask (below) is frightening. Look, folks, any craft book this old should at least be considered for weeding in a public library. As Submitter points out, the references are often too old to be relevant to today’s readers. We can do better than this – and if you can’t do better than this in print form, refer patrons to Pinterest.

equipment, fabrics, and yarn


Hooded mask


  1. Hooded mask: What the well-dressed (choose one: serial killer in a low-budget cult movie franchise/racist) is wearing this season ?

  2. Dime stores may be long gone, but some of those things can be found in dollar stores.

    The department stores reference seems more dated, since I can’t imagine finding anything related to sewing, except maybe a sewing machine, in a modern department store. (They may have them, but the local ones don’t give me the impression they do.)

  3. I like the part where the girls and boys each remodeled their costumes into gender-appropriate new items. Or is the reference to “wood shop” just a cover story concocted by the boys to explain why they needed aprons?

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