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singer sewing book

Singer Sewing Book
The Complete Guide to Sewing
Hutton and Cunningham

Note the “groovy” cover. Sewing books probably have a long shelf life in terms of content. Mechanical machines still work the same way they did 50 years ago. Yes, there are more bells and whistles, but fundamentally sewing is pretty much the same as it was decades ago. Knitting, needlepoint, and other crafts that have been around forever also can have a long shelf life as well. Weeding is usually condition or low circulation. The obvious other time to weed is when the book just looks out of date due to fashions. This really depends on the title.

If it is about the fundamentals,  and it holds up to library traffic, you can probably hang on for longer than other craft books. When these books start offering more style than substance, then they need to be weeded as tastes change. My feeling is there are 2 distinct types of crafters in public libraries: Total beginners that wouldn’t know a seam ripper from a pair of scissors, and expert level folks looking for something “different”. Of course every library is different. Get your shelf list out and identify those books aimed at beginners and see how those circ numbers track against more project driven/fashion driven books do. It might be interesting.

I want to weed this one based on the home decorating in the last picture below.



bridal applique






  1. I’m a pretty good sewist, and I’d throw that one out. Only super-duper sewing addicts are going to want it in case there’s some tidbit in there. That bridal page assumes some really high-level skills, and the home dec is, of course, hideous. “Pink ball fringe with tiny green tassels”!!

  2. Far out, man.

    Pretty sure this one can go unless the library absolutely has nothing else.

    Are the avocado green blobs on the corners of the cover further groovy designs, or is some kind of fungus attacking the book?

    1. Looks to me like the paper cover is torn and that’s the cloth binding of the book underneath .

      1. I think you’re right.

        Kind of a relief, and I’m sure none of us are surprised that a book from then is avocado green!

    1. I see what you mean. It seems to be a place to put pots of different flowers that can be swapped out as seasonally appropriate, but then why doesn’t it have one in it for the photo? Lord knows everything else is in that photo! So I’m going with mega-fondue too.

      Frankly, everything in that picture except the coffee table, books, fruit basket and *maybe* the Roman shades should be dumpstered.

      1. No the shades are Nasty. The fruit should be proofed in the 40 liter fondue first – I suspect they are hollow wax and will deflate easily under test.

        1. Hey, maybe all the wax fruit eventually ends up in the 40 liter pot as a giant candle.

          That makes more sense than the nasty ball fringe.

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