Sewing Casual Clothes

Sewing Casual Clothes coverBetter Homes and Gardens: Sewing Casual Clothes

Submitter: My library holds an annual new book drive where we work with a local group who feed k-12 kids in food-insecure situations to provide a (hopefully) brand-new book to each kid over the winter break along with enough food to last them until school starts again. Unfortunately, sometimes we get donations that are weeded from other libraries, including this gem. I can’t imagine any current teenagers wearing any of this. For that matter, no one of my generation would have worn any of this either, and I’m getting old.

Holly: A book drive is not an opportunity to clean out your basement, people. Have a heart.


Make Your Own Sportswear

bikini or bloomer pattern

Hand stitches for leather


  1. Very few people know how to sew anymore. And sewing your own bathing suit??? That sounds weird. And a little gross.

  2. I love vintage Better Homes And Gardens books and have collected more than I can count at the moment. And I have to say that this is the ugliest, cheapest looking cover that I have ever seen.

  3. There are definitely teenagers who would enjoy wearing 60’s style clothing. However, housing-insecure teens most likely don’t have the resources to make their own clothes.

  4. I sew most of my own clothes, and I love vintage patterns. And I’ve sewn a swimsuit. That said, I’m also not a teenager.

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