Sewing Basics

McCall's Sewing Book coverMcCall’s Sewing Book

This book was a really good choice and probably could have lasted for longer than most books. The details are good and illustrations are helpful. It does not take into consideration more modern fabrics and the examples and illustrations just look dated. It is a good all-purpose sewing book and I might be tempted to keep it, especially if I had no alternatives. It would have been a slam dunk in the 1960s and I probably could have kept this almost into the 1980s. Time to weed and honor this book for a long service to the library.


McCall's Sewing Book contents

The pattern envelope

Pompons, beading, sequins

Blueprint for the Professional


  1. As a matter of curiosity, how does one honor a good and useful, but now retired, book? A special display? Bronzing? A gold watch?

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