Separated at Birth?

Separated at Birth coverSeparated at Birth?
by the Editors of SPY

Submitter: This looks like it’s supposed to be a humorous book, but it’s lost on me. The entire book is basically pictures of celebrities/public figures placed next to other celebrities/public figures who have the same hair style and are making the same facial expressions. Though later in the book some people are compared to cartoon characters or movie monsters, so maybe that’s funny?

Holly: It could have been funny, but it’s just weird! I guess it was a fun choice in the 80s, but if space is an issue and the book no longer circulates, it’s an easy weeder too. Donald Trump and Elvis Presley, Julio Iglesias and the Phantom of the Opera…ha ha?


Julio Iglesias - Phantom of the Opera

Keith Richards

Elvis Presley - Donald Trump


    1. Agreed. I’m guessing some of the book’s references are too old for a lot of people (Charlie Callas who?).

  1. Books like this were about half the stock of the humor section of every Waldenbooks in 1990 – I remember this one specifically. It seems really dumb now, but people had lower standards for comedy books back before the internet.

  2. The 1980s was a time of many humorous non-books. Some, like National Lampoon’s Sunday newspaper parody were really funny. This one isn’t isn’t.

    However, I did get a giggle out of the Donald Trump and Elvis Presley spread.

  3. Terrible book. We know people back then had a low standard when it came to comedy but even this book is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  4. The Elvis trump comparison hits all of dumps narcissist buttons…and no way in hell was he EVER close to as good looking as young Elvis nor a single percent as talented at anything hes ever done.

  5. Remember that DT *hated* Spy magazine, which needled him every chance it got, referring to him as the ‘short-fingered vulgarian’…..

  6. One of those utterly classic cases of “you had to be there,” I guess.

    I seem to recall that “Separated at Birth” photo comparisons were a common feature on late-night TV shows for a while in that era. Maybe my memory is faulty, or maybe they were stealing the idea from Spy Magazine, or Spy stole the concept from them.

    As far as the outright vulgar and at times offensive campaign against Trump, and the mutual almost-deranged obsession Spy and Trump had with one another, the history will show:

    Donald Trump was elected president.
    Spy Magazine shut down in 1998, having never had a chance to take pot shots at Bush 43, Osama bin Laden, or Obama.

    1. Alexander, obviously you worship the Orange Foolius. The book is hilarious, but dt wouldn’t even have been worthy of swimming in the King’s urine.

  7. I found this book in the basement in the late 80s and found it hilarious. I was probably 8 years old at the time, which might be due to the fact that I was about 8 at the time.

  8. Spy Magazine focused a lot of New York celebrities. This feature was funny the first couple of months but 95 percent of the comparisons were pretty weak.

  9. Aw, come on! I was a proud owner of this book, as well as a subscriber to Spy Magazine (where Separated at Birth was a monthly feature).

    Okay, okay, I admit it – this is indeed what people had to do for a cheap laugh before the Internets came along.

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