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etsy for seniors book

Etsy for Seniors

Based on the title alone, I would have purchased this.  However, depending on the content, I might put it in a craft collection, since I don’t think it would be found in the 000s by the general public. But I digress.

I wish I could tell you about the content other than it is about Etsy. My “senior” eyes couldn’t make out a word without assistance. Take a look at the page image below. That is a ridiculously small sized font and there is hardly any contrast to the print. Seniors? I don’t think so. I am just wondering what makes this little book senior friendly. Large font? High contrast? Pictures? No, no, and no.

This is a self published item, which in itself is not a deal breaker. It does illustrate that regardless of the content, book design matters. A small book, tiny print, low contrast, and no pictures or illustrations negate anything useful in the text.

Now get off my lawn.


text of a book


  1. Courier typeface too. I wonder if the author thought making it look like a typewritten manuscript was appealing? I’m having flashbacks to papers I typed in grade school.

  2. I had trouble reading the stupid thing. It’s a lousy design for anyone – just a wall of text. It looks like a report written by a high schooler.

  3. What an awful book. With all the software and self-pub options today, why would they use Courier and produce such a sloppy thing? For talking about a craft website, to boot? There’s no craft in how they produced this publication at all. This author needed a beginner’s guide to self-publishing.

  4. Oh jeeze, I’m nowhere close to a “senior” and that’s nigh impossible for me to read :/

    Also, this is probably going to be need to be weeded just based on relevance in a few years anyway. The Etsy game is constantly changing (what with Etsy perpetually changing their site policies, focii, and all that and just shifts in the online craft selling world in general), and information that might have been useful in 2015 isn’t necessarily accurate or helpful now.

  5. I didn’t know they still had books with that front! Was this done on a typewriter, or a 1994 computer with a tractor feed printer?

  6. Self-published shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, but bad apples like these spoil the whole barrel for everyone else. No one should hate this more than the self-published authors who actually put work into their presentations.

  7. I wouldn’t read it, and I can see just fine.
    With all the fonts, sizes, and even free clip-arts available this could have been so much better.

  8. I was going to say that at least they used a typeface with serifs, or it would be even harder to read — but then I read a little, and discovered that the writing is so poor and ungrammatical that it is unreadable anyway. Problem solved, I guess.

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