See the world of microbiology!

Wonders Under a Microscope coverWonders Under a Microscope

Hey you budding scientists! Here is your introduction to microscopy. Lots of cool stuff to see in the world of microbiology. An okay book for the early 60s (I’m grading on a curve), but it wouldn’t fly for kids today. Aside from the technology changes in the micro world, there is little to offer a modern kid interested in science. At least there is a picture of a girl using a microscope.


Wonders Under a Microscope back cover

basic equipment

Wonders Under a Microscope inside flap


  1. I’ve never owned a microscope, but I’ve read plenty of books and magazines for kids that showed photos of what things look under one, and in color. I can tell you one thing: it’s amazing how creepy and hideous things look when highly magnified, except for snowflakes and sugar crystals.:)

  2. This reminds me of scifi story whose name and author I forget, about rotifers gaining sentience and planning an attack on humans that is discovered by a boy with a microscope.

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