See Me More Clearly

See Me More ClearlySee Me More Clearly: Career and Life Planning for Teens with Physical Disabilities
With a Special Section Charting Your Course: Life Career Skills by Ellen Wallach

This was a great choice for many libraries in 1980. By 1990, it could probably be weeded. 1995 would have been pushing it.

I’m not sure why it begins with a chapter on sexuality, though. That’s a great topic for a book on teen physical disabilities, but I thought this was about career and life planning. Sure, it falls under life planning, but so many other topics do too, and none of them are represented in this book.

All of the specific disabilities need an update, for sure. There have been major medical advancements since 1980 that have made it possible for people to do many jobs they may not have been able to before. Also, technology-related careers have allowed many people to use their skills in other ways than will be presented here. There are way more options than this book will present as possible.


See Me More Clearly back cover

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See Me More Clearly contents

See Me More Clearly contents

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See Me More Clearly skills chart

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  1. The date stamp suggests that this was not a heavy-circulating item (though it’s possible that the library stopped using a date stamp and went to receipts after 1986).

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