Second Wave Feminism

housewife's guide to women's liberation

Housewife’s Guide to Women’s Liberation

The early 1970s was one of the peak times in the Women’s movement. This is considered to be second wave feminism which focused on legal equity beyond voting rights (first wave feminism).  This book is obviously a product of that time. Our author addresses women in traditional stay at home roles and talks specifics about how the Women’s movement can help them particularly. It is obviously dated (although not as much as I had hoped says the bitter second wave feminist) but it was an important book in its day. Does it belong in a public library? It depends. If the collection is large and deep for some of these contemporary source materials, than by all means, keep it.  Equality is a big topic and not just for women. Current materials are probably more useful for public library patrons. Time to collect the third wave literature.

Mary (a second wave feminist)

sex and the liberated housewife

debunking myth

myths of women working




  1. Once upon a time there was something called the double standard, and it is still alive today. The end.

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