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How to Make Real Money in Second Life

This one is mine. I had been neglecting my weeding and found this floating around my computer books. This book was purchased and added to the collection in 2008 and it had exactly 2 circs. I guess no one wanted to make real money in Second Life. I had weeded another Second Life book back in the day, and it sounded like there were still core folks using this platform. It also sounded like it was very different from the old days.

I wandered around Second Life for a while in the around 2004 or 2005 and didn’t know what I was supposed to do. It seemed boring and pointless. I’m not big on virtual socialization – or real life socialization, for that matter. The 2008 pub date is really old in the world of computers. In my library the 2 circs in 12 years makes it a weeder.


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  1. As a Sims fan, I played this game as well and didn’t care much for it. In The Sims games there’s always plenty to do, get your Sims a house, get them a job, make friends with other Sims, start a family, watch out for alien abductions, and so on. But in Second Life all I did was wander around trying to find something to do and being too uncomfortable talking to real people online. People are vicious and cruel, hiding behind their avatars online.

    1. I was in library school in 2008. I remember Second Life being A VERY BIG DEAL! There were all kinds of articles about how it was the way of the future and everyone was supposed to hang out on ALA Island… and I just didn’t get it. Like you, I tried it and was bored. The Sims were much more fun.

      For all the hype, I don’t know anyone who actually hung out there. (Or, if I did, they didn’t talk about it in their “First Life”.)

  2. One of our state’s regional library systems got into SL in a huge way. SL was the subject of a conference program and a couple of journal articles. I figured I didn’t have enough time for my first life, let alone a second one. (Of course all of that was before time sucks like Facebook and Pinterest were invented.)

  3. I’ve been hanging out in Second Life since 2007, and yah, it has changed a lot since then. I imagine much of the specifics of this book have changed.

    2008 was also just past the peak of the hype around SL. I remember when a lot of real-life organizations were exploring it as “the next big thing”. On that note… of the listings pictured, the only RL company that still has a build at any of those locations is AMD (AMD Dev Central 128, 168, 31).

      1. Circuit City closed all its stores in First Life years ago… I think the 2008 Great Recession did them in?

  4. Nobody I knew ever did anything in Second Life, and I live in Silicon Valley. But some people did make a little bit of money.

    Also, I’m not sure this guy is the one to be giving advice about big bucks in the virtual world of roleplaying another life. A realtor? I guess he made some money writing this book full of white space and web addresses.

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