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Sculpture in Paper coverSculpture in Paper

Submitter: Here is one submission, based on condition and age. I missed it in my first weeding of the section because I didn’t open the book. It’s a cool idea for a book, but I believe that a new edition would circulate.

Holly: It has definitely seen better days, as you can see from the water damage in the first image below. This one could definitely be replaced if it has circulated well! On the other hand, often patrons will immediately let staff know about damage like this so that they don’t get blamed for it, so maybe no one has looked at it for a while. On the other other hand, I have found items on the shelf with peanut butter on the cover and pages held together with duct tape and prayer, so it could have been checked out several times like this and no one bothered to do anything about it!

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  1. Oh, I would LOVE this book for my personal collection! Will have track it down somewhere.

  2. There are (at least) two kinds of patrons: there’s the one that will report a tiny fold on page 102 so they don’t get charged for it, then there’s the one that will check out a book that looks like it went through a flood/fire/war/biohazard and just sighs and goes, “well, I guess that’s how the library is!”

  3. I worked at a certain Canadian big-box bookstore chain 1996-2000. Like most big-box bookstore chains, you were allowed to read the books while in the store. People took that to mean doing things to books that you would never do at home… Putting a stack of books on the floor to put your feet up while reading, open all the tarot card boxes up and use every single set even when there were display sets already open, take books onto the bathroom to read, come in every day to study for the MCSE Microsoft exams, “get happy with yourself” while reading the “Anonymous books”…

    People could also eat in the store.

    One day, I could smell fried chicken. I thought that it was wafting in from the restaurant next door. I usually checked my department frequently to see what people were up to but was too swamped. Some time later, I saw someone furtively beetling it out of my section so I went to check.

    I found an empty KFC box hidden behind a fern and a very expensive art book on the table beside it. I picked up the book and it literally slid out of my hands from chicken grease that coated the cover. The pages were stained with grease.

    Another write-off.

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