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The One Minute Scolding
The Amazingly Effective New Approach to Child Discipline

In the world of nonfiction, many book titles fall under the category of “wishful thinking” or maybe “never going to happen”. Many books fall into this group: diet books, employee engagement, how to have an effective meeting, any get rich book, any books with the word “secret” in the title, cat training, cute maternity clothes, and last but not least, parenting.  You will notice that many of these books are featured quite often on ALB.

I don’t mean to sound so cynical. I have run into a some really good parenting books over the years. However, the effectiveness is usually dependent on the personality of the parents and the kids. There is seldom a single solution that works for everyone.

This book is basically a 1 minute shaming followed by love and assurance and focusing on the behavior. I am always skeptical, but I suppose it is better than this horrific parenting book.


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  1. Oh, does anyone remember the ‘One Minute Manager’ from 1982? It sounds great in theory but, like the paperless office, it didn’t work too well in practice

    Parents who tried applying that sort of approach to child discipline weren’t likely to have much success either.

    The book itself is physically grotty and deserves to go.

  2. I’m glad that someone underlined the bits that said punishment was bad and emphasized the positive value of discipline.

    However, any smart kid who can read could, and probably would, use the strategies in the book against the parent.

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