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Schooling in corporate society coverSchooling in a Corporate Society: The Political Economy of Education in America
1972, 2nd Ed 1975

Submitter: This gem is a perfectly boring book, though very dated and dry. But the cover! The kid looks like a smug Richie Rich. Or a baby Trump.

Holly: It is definitely old and boring, but I do love the cover! The blurb on Google Books says, “Essays by educators and economists, asserting that the American educational system promotes the interests of elite groups in preserving the status quo.” Can’t imagine anyone would find that relevant today.*


Education and Underemployment in the urban ghetto


  1. Why is Ralphie Parker on the front of a book? I’d like to shoot this with a red ryder bb gun.

  2. That cover is a hoot.

    If there’s an updated version of this (or a similar book), the library should buy it. It’s only become more true.

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