Scarf Tying

Scarf Tying MagicBobbie Jean Thompson’s Scarf Tying Magic

Scarves are still very fashionable, so something like this is a great book for a public library. It would be better if it had current pictures…or even good pictures. Some of them are kind of dark, like the little squares on the back cover, and most are just line drawings.

The ties range from super easy to really complicated. It just seems like these days, YouTube is a better way to learn scarf tying than a book, but I would still buy new ones for the library and dump this old one.


Scarf Tying Magic back cover

batwing headwrap

accordion scarf


  1. Also possibly one of the few times in history that “________ has been tying scarves for more than_______ years” has ever been in anyone’s bio.

  2. I actually think the line drawings are a better idea than pictures. Its easier to make an instruction like “fold like an accordion” clear in a drawing.

  3. I agree that the line drawings make the instructions easier to follow. The video that you say is helpful isn’t when you’re trying to do it. I’ve found that to be true when attempting something “that’s so easy – just follow me on YouTube.”

    1. I think it depends on the person, or even possibly the type of knot you’re tying, whether line drawings or videos would be better. That’s why it’s great to both have books and videos available.

  4. The lady on the cover looks like Bea Arthur in her Maude days (if anyone remembers that far back) : )

  5. My sister had a job as a sales rep at an accessories company at the time this book was published, she went around to department stores and boutiques demonstrating some of these very techniques. I will have to clue her in about adding one’s scarf-tying tenure to a resume or vita.

  6. At first glance, the dress in the “Image Reflections” logo appears to have a censor’s black out mark at just the wrong spot.

  7. Does anybody remember the pattern that turns an ordinary square head scarf into a bonnet that ties under your chin? I have the instructions somewhere but actually learned it waiting outside the school door during a blue norther.

    I’d bet the cat middle school girls don’t wear headscarves now.

  8. Cool (not). Imagine, a book that shows you how to make a babushka. Does it also show you how to make a scarf into a sling for your arm?

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