Scarf Arranging

Five Minute Scarf ArrangerThe Five-Minute Scarf Arranger
Tryde Sandeman

Submitter: Most of the “arrangements” in this book are pretty basic & do not require any instruction. For example, tie two scarves together & you’ll have a belt! or tie a scarf around your wrist & you’ll have a bracelet! Wow, I would have never thought to do that! My favorite though is the scarf halter top (picture attached). This arrangement does not seem like a good idea. One false move & “the girls” will be on display!

Holly: Wow, these scarves are bold fashion statements.  Where does one wear the “bare back and bow?”  This isn’t a bad choice for libraries, just a little outdated.  I could totally rock these two looks:

bare back and bow

scarf belt

scarf headwrap

  1. Wow. I used to do similar tricks with my Barbie dolls and a doll-sized sarong. Of course, Barbie didn’t have to worry much about the consequences of a wardrobe malfunction.

  2. This is just a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen…even if you are double AA cups..

  3. Notice that the model wearing “bare back and bow” has her arms over her head. Unless she plans on holding that pose all day she is certainly going to have a wardrobe malfunction that no amount of dress tape will fix. When she let’s her ams down her neck and shoulder muscles will relax and expand, which will pull the entire contraption upwards. At that point she’ll either fall out the bottom or have painful armpit-breast syndrome. Why yes, I was an 80s teen, how’d you guess?

  4. I think that scarf top needs a disclaimer: DO NOT ATTEMPT IF YOU HAVE ANY LOVE-HANDLES WHATSOEVER. Seriously. I pictured myself trying it for half a second and then went EWWW really loudly. Must’ve been advice for the years before GLH/muffin-tops plagued society.

    1. I blame Clinton & Stacy of America’s What Not To Wear for that. Ever since they told fat people to wear tighter clothing to appear thinner rather then baggy my fellow fatties seem to think that means wear a size 10 when you need a size 20.

      1. They don’t tell fat people to wear tight clothing. They tell people to wear clothing that fits them. Big difference.

    2. It also should say “do not try unless your girls can stand up on their own. Those of us larger busted ladies who cannot leave the house without a good support bra are afraid of how bad that will look!

  5. The woman in the last picture reminds me of Guinan from “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

  6. oh no! My older sister had this book in high school, and i am ashamed to admit that we attempted to rock quite a few of these ridiculous looks- although the russian hat/scarf thing was bizarre even then…