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Mime Time - cover
Happy Jack’s Mime Time

Long time readers of this site probably know my issues with clowns. To me, mimes are similar to clowns, though not as terrifying. As mime books go, I would imagine this isn’t too bad. There are enough details that make me think this is probably a good choice for a public library. Personally, though, it looks dated and the illustrations are hokey. It is probably a keeper for those with a mime population (wherever this is, I cannot go there) or a good performing arts collection.

I will be busy avoiding clowns and mimes if anyone needs me.




Mime Time - back cover

Miming childbirth

Mime Time - Grim Reaper and the Empty Harvest

Mime Time - Your Hosts

Mime Time - the drunk


  1. I’ll tell you what’s scary – these illustrations! Wally’s hands are horrifically deformed and it looks like they forgot how many fingers to put on each one.

    1. Agreed! They are creepy and they distract from the text. Although, now that I look at the text, maybe that’s an advantage.

  2. Not being any kind of expert on mime, I wondering how popular/common miming childbirth is? Has anyone seen this performed?

  3. This is just awful! I can’t get my mind around the idea that anyone would intentionally do this sort of thing, let alone instruct others in doing it! (And yes, I do also find clowns creepy and scary.) Frankly, I had always thought that mimes were just another culture’s very different taste = France, which not only touted Marcelle Marceau but also idolized Jerry Lewis. Guess I was wrong.

  4. I would comment herein but alas, I am a mime and must remain silent.

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