Say Cheese!

cheese cover

How to Choose, Serve & Enjoy

This book isn’t too bad. Content wise, it showed the cheese making process, had a few cheese centered recipes, and a even a pronunciation guide. The book was in pretty good shape. I would still probably replace with a new book that included how regular folks could make cheese at home. This really seemed to be more about kinds of cheese, rather than the recipes or serving. That said, the recipe for Aspic Glazed Cheese probably cancels out any of the good points to this book.


cheese back cover cheddar cheese and aspic cheese


  1. This looks like a book Urkel on Family Matters would have loved. I remember one episode he showed the Winslow family a slide show of various cheeses, much to their annoyance.

  2. At least they got “mascarpone” right. There seems to be an epidemic these days of people saying “marscapone” — eww. It’s Mascar, people, like NASCAR.

    …I wonder why the site isn’t picking up my name and email anymore?

  3. “Mah-scar-PO-nay”? Hallelujah, someone knows how to pronounce it! Even on Chopped, all the chefs pronounce it MAR-ska-pohn !

  4. I have a collection of Sunset cookbooks and they are still some of the best cookbooks around. I cook out of my ATK, Julia Child, Le Cordon Bleu and Thomas Keller books too, but in the end I go back to Sunset and Better Homes & Gardens for the crowd pleasers.

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