Saving your business

saving your business

Saving Your Business
How to Survive Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Successfully Reorganize Your Company

I really have an issue with business materials this old in a public library collection. This particular book is closing in on 30 years. Even if the process hasn’t changed much, that attorney billing rate in the second picture below is almost cute.  There have been changes to bankruptcy laws since 1992.  Notably, the Bankruptcy Act of 1994 and the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer protection act (BAPCPA) of 2005. It truly is important to consider the impact of out of date information. Choosing to file bankruptcy is complex. Chapter 11 might not be the best answer for some kinds of businesses.

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  1. Bankruptcy in the US relies directly on statute law that can be objectively shown to have been changed by those 2 (at least) laws. These books are even easier to justify than bad old medical books, though they do lack the shock factor of proposing to dose someone with corrosive sublimate or paregoric.

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