Saucy Wieners

Microwave Cooking coverMicrowave Cooking from Sears
Sears, Roebuck and Company

Submitter: Come see the scary side of Sears… Not sure if that’s regular wear and tear on the cover, or food stains. Either Way – this one has now been liquidated from our collection.

Holly: I can tell you what I’m NOT having for dinner tonight: “Saucy Wieners.” Recipe is below if you’re into that sort of thing.

Microwave cooking

Sausage and luncheon meats

Saucy wieners

Fish and Seafood


  1. Halibut is $30 or more per pound where I live. I will not be microwaving it with condensed cream of anything.

  2. If this was the best cookbook available, no wonder it took microwaves another decade to catch on.

  3. Do people really use their microwaves for cooking like this? I mostly use mine for re-heating, thawing, and the occasional veggie or side dish that works well in the microwave. And certain microwave-specific things, of course. But I can’t imagine making my main course in the microwave, especially if meat is involved. Am I missing out?

    1. Back in the late 1980’s, my sister learned several microwave recipes in her Home Ec class that were real cooking. She did a beef one that took about 15 minutes that was actually really delicious.

      I think cooking in the microwave fell out of favor because it was often very labor-intensive, with lots of special preparation, and need for frequent turning and stirring. It was much easier to throw a pan in the regular oven and go do other things for an hour.

  4. This cookbook advocates microwaving fish and should be disposed of solely because of that.

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