Saturday Night Fever

The Bee Gees coverThe Bee Gees

Hubba hubba! May I present to you the hotties of 1979, The Bee Gees.

What a great choice for the public middle school library that submitted this book! Well, 35 years ago, anyway. It could have been weeded in the mid-80s. By then the Gibb brothers were doing more solo work than as The Bee Gees.

If you have the space and the interest, it’s not the worst thing. If, like the submitting library, things haven’t been weeded in a while and space is a concern, it can go and the middle schoolers probably won’t miss it.

RIP Robin and Maurice Gibb.



  1. Hands up if every time you see or hear the Bee Gees the first thing that comes to mind is the two fighting Girl Scouts in the Airplane! movie and the dance scene that follows. The chances of any current day middle schooler understanding that reference is more remote than them knowing who the Bee Gees were.

    1. Everyone knows who the Bee Gees are. Every kid I’ve ever met tells me they know Stayin’ Alive and Night Fever. Not to mention the songs they wrote for other people like Grease, Islands in the Stream and Chain Reaction

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