Satan’s Mark Exposed

Satan's Mark Exposed coverSatan’s Mark Exposed

Submitter: This book is one of many from Kirban that outlines the ways in which the world will ‘soon’ come to an end. This particular title is full of outlandish predictions that include cannibal worms, laser identification beams, and of course the word computer (when assigned the proper alphanumeric code) adding up to 666. Not only are we treated to ranting speculations, but also some alarmist images and comics, depicting the doomed direction the world is heading. It’s hard to believe that there are more of these, but as the back of the book claims “Salem Kirban is well qualified to write on future events. He is the author of more than 30 books on the subject.”

Holly: He was prolific, that’s for sure! My favorite title from his bibliography is “How to Live Above and Beyond Your Circumstances.” Any libraries out there have that little gem to share with us?

Satans Mark back cover

TV Spy Network

Saves to the Computer

The Super Card

Transplant memories

Food rationing

Liberal backlash begins

Mark of the antichrist

Life exposed

Tested by Fire


  1. OMG, the government has over 20,000 computers! But do they have 666,000, that’s the real question.

  2. i think this guy was mad at Rod Serling for rejecting his unsolicited manuscripts, so he decided to monetize them by starting his own publishing house.

  3. You know, this sort of explains where the idea that Covid vaccines actually implanted a chip in us, or made us magnetic, and why some people are so resistent to direct deposit . . . . I’m sure this author wasn’t the only one sharing this “information” about the evil advent of the electronic age.

  4. A lot of this looks very similar to what someone I know posts on Facebook all the time. “Your TV can identify if you’re Christian and persecute you” and the rant about chips in credit cards could come straight from her feed.

  5. That title is REALLY hard to read. I got the gist of it from the big 666.

    (Which we all know is 616 and referred to Nero, so nothing to do with computers, credit cards, cable TV, and certainly not cannibal worms.)

    He wrote over 50 books, none of which have come true! Probably the same text slightly rearranged and updated.

    Ironic that it’s the people who think this way who are causing the current perilous state of our world.

  6. This book was published in 1981. It says The End would be 20 years away. It’s 2022 — 40 years later — and we’re still here (does it occur to him that maybe Trump is the Antichrist ? Huh ???)

    1. Yeah, I was wondering what he was thinking now, if he’s still around. And hey, isn’t it usually THE Antichrist, as you wrote? But maybe Kirban has a special relationship.

  7. The illustrations bear a STRONG resemblance to Chick tracts, those evangelical black-and-white “comics” that denounce everything from Dungeons and Dragons to the Catholic Church. Creepy!

  8. I have his book, “Kissinger–Man of Peace?” speculating on whether Henry Kissinger is the Antichrist. Well, Kissinger is still alive, so . . . can’t rule him out yet?

  9. My library has How to Live Above and Beyond Your Circumstances! Alas, the picture of the cover on the Google Books link is incorrect, but it is still entertaining to read.

  10. Hahahaha, how silly to think that an omnipresent group keeps track of your information and activities for its own purposes. Next, you will be telling me that the government can get your cell phone activity just by asking for it. What some of these nut jobs come up with, right?
    Now let’s just Google the author and see what else he wrote about.

    1. Either he was making it all up in a cynical ploy to exploit the gullible and stupid, or he has paranoid delusions. I wonder about the latter, as the constant linking together of things that have no relation to each other and hysterical tone are classic traits. The only difference being that usually these types of delusions are more personal IE the big bad computers are out to get him specifically.

      1. Maybe his shrink said to try to get out and relate to other people more, and he interpreted that to mean “force other people to read and join his paranoid delusions.”

        (Currently the platform of the Republican party)

  11. Sure the book and so many were whack, but his first book seems to be response against the Vietnam War….any body damaged by that war (all wars) gets my sympathy and empathy.

    Read his first book first: Good-bye Mr. President

      1. Per the obituary also posted above, he served in the USN during the end of the last world war. Hard to say if either “did it” to him but it makes me sigh and feel sad rather than angry.

    1. After that trip, the government probably did keep an eye on him, but not so much everyone else, and not in connection with anything Biblical.

  12. As someone with three sixes in their birthdate (6/6/65), I can’t say I care for this book title, since it’s NOT about me! LOL
    I still marvel at the stuff that not only gets published, but that someone actually purchased this book!

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