Satanic Computers

computers and the beast cover

Computers and the Beast
Webber and Hutchings

I had no idea that I should be worried about the massive communication and knowledge produced by modern technology. Biblical prophesy is here to warn us that the computer, and all the knowledge it can bring, is a potential minefield of evil. (I know this because there is a big snake hanging out on the computer on the cover.)  Robots, computer networks, credit cards, and electronic fund transfers all have potential for evil. The anti-Christ will obviously exploit this technology during the end times.

Watch your back everyone!


computers and the beast back cover

interior text of computers and the beast

computer control

Computers and the book of Revelation

computers and evil


  1. Rock music, video games, cartoons, books about wizards, Halloween… if you like it, it’s evil. I’m so sick of it.

  2. There are plenty of good reasons to regard facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Paypal, and Twitter as agencies of evil. The reason to weed this is not its argument, but rather its datedness.

  3. There’s a python on that computer, and thirty years later, I program computers in Python! Coincidence? Yeah, probably. Besides, shouldn’t they have placed that serpent on an Apple?

  4. Close examination of the monitor shows it’s just someone doing a widescreen directory listing of whatever drive DOS has selected, probably A:. Given the date of the book, it is probably DOS 3.2 at the latest. Interestingly, DOS 3.21 was responsible for my first serious job.

  5. Head-smack! “All our economic transactions…into a single all-knowledgeable system”: is the work of Satan! How did they know??

  6. A bit of Googling indicates that one of these authors (Rev Noah Hutchings) also went on to publish two books about the Y2K threat in later years.

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