Sarah T. is Drunk (Friday Fiction)

cover of Sarah T Portrait of a teenage alcoholic

Sarah T.
Portrait of a Teen-Age Alcoholic

I actually remember this title from my teen years and the accompanying after school special. Linda Blair, best known for the Exorcist, (which still gives me nightmares) she was the go-to actress for all roles featuring teens in trouble ranging from unplanned pregnancy, alcoholism, hanging out with Satanic demons. You know, normal teen stuff.

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Sarah T back cover


  1. I saw the movie, which scared the daylights out of nine-year-old me. Incidentally, when Sarah admits she’s an alcoholic at the end, I thought it meant “There’s no hope for me.” It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that’s the first step to recovery.

  2. Mark Hamill was in the movie?! Was he the boyfriend whose horse she killed? Or maybe only crippled; Sarah T. is not one of those movies you lovingly re-watch every few years.

    I had no idea they made novelizations of TV movies, let alone that libraries bought them. I would have been perfectly happy not knowing it.

  3. I won’t be watching such a depressing movie. I’m lucky my own life didn’t turn into a massive downer as it is, and being constantly reminded what a mess the world is in is bad enough. 🙁

  4. She’s supposed to be a teenager in this? The picture on the book makes her look like she’s ten or eleven years old.

  5. I remember this movie very well – especially her hurting her boyfriend’s horse, being an animal lover….

  6. I guess I missed it — too bad, I would have liked to see a $70,000 house on an acre in California… how times do change.

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