Sanity and an Orderly House

how to organize your kid's room

How to Organize Your Kid’s Room

I get that someone might want a book about organizing a kid’s room. The premise isn’t too bad. Adapt your design for your kid’s particular needs. However, this book is like taking a class on room design. Crappy illustrations not withstanding. All that is missing is homework and a Powerpoint presentation.

I also don’t buy the premise that a kid will instantly become organized. It doesn’t work that way. My insanely organized daughter had a teenage bedroom that looked like a cyclone hit it daily. (She called it her “release area”). Contrast that to my disorganized son who actually was pretty tidy for teenage boy. Personally, I think it is easier to close the door and wait for the teens to leave home.


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  1. Oh my god! I’m glad that lady was not my mother! I would never have been able to get my homework done because Susie Homemaker there would have been nagging me about stuff under the bed or messy dresser drawers. Really, as long as the stuff is in the drawers, WHO CARES???

    To know that much about your child’s room almost certainly means the parent is going through the child’s drawers, closet, etc. on a daily basis. Can we say privacy violation?

    My much wiser parents simply kept the door closed.

  2. When I first read the post title, I thought it said SATAN and an orderly house. And nice job lying with maps on pg 30-31: they rotated the room a quarter turn and thought we wouldn’t notice.

  3. I did a lot of that stuff with my kid — didn’t work. Clothes and toys would be all over the floor while the drawers and bins stayed empty.

  4. I kinda like the author’s redirect. So she’s gonna eat in her room…what did you think would happen? Support the kids’ efforts by providing the tray and the waste basket.
    In my house, it never seemed to matter if all the toys got picked up and put away. Like a pentagram, they appeared in the same arrangement in the same place the next day (Twilight Zone music here)……Okayyyy, I’ll just step around…

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