Royal Knitting

Royal Knits coverRoyal Knits: Designer Knitting for the Monarchy and Monarchists

The world was just as royal-frenzied in the 1980s as they are now, so maybe this book is popular again! Charles and Diana were married and produced two princes in the early 1980s, and William and Kate and Baby George are all the rage now. I can see buying something like this for a public library collection, or keeping this if it was in good shape.

I’m still posting it here, though, since I personally find some of the projects too funny not to share. I especially love the dead deer slippers with the tongues lolling out (see below).


crown and sword

toilet cover and mat

deer slippers

dog pillow and tartan


  1. I don’t think those are dead deer but are the Queen’s Welsh Corgi dogs (see next picture).

    1. I was wearing new shoes at work today, my dogs are barking. It’s an expression. So is “giving tongue”, but tha’s fox hounds.

      If those are knitted then aren’t they technically socks?

  2. Um.. not quite. Not dead deers, but rather, happy corgi puppies, the Queen’s favorite dog.

      1. I think they look like fox. You can make them more deer like with the addition of some knit antlers. Although,I guess they look a little like a doe too.

  3. I’m suddenly wishing I knew how to knit. I’d love to own a knitted sword. 😀

    1. ER is for Elizabeth Regina = Queen Elizabeth. It should actually be EIIR since she’s Elizabeth II.

    2. ER stands for Elizabeth Rex, the queen’s formal name. No idea what the dogs are named.

    3. ER stands for Elizabeth Regina which is the Latin form of Queen Elizabeth. If male, it would be Rex.

  4. I LOVE the Royal Throne!!! LOL! everyone should have a throne room, don’t you think? (Although at my house the feet would be facing the other way 😉 ).

    It should have all the opulence to match it too, reds, purples, and blues, with silver and gold.

  5. What’s with the toilet mat with the footprints? Do royals have to be reminded where to stand?
    Sing with me…
    “And we’ll never be royals!
    We know where to stand.
    While knitted swords are pretty neat,
    there’s no dead deer heads on our feet.”

    1. I’m guessing the footprints tell men where to stand to maximize the accuracy of their aim. Classy!

  6. I think the bendy sword is a Hoot! It reminds me of some of the toy ideas found in Simply Knitting Te British knitting Magazine. Their in house designer did the whole royal court as mice.

  7. I never understood the American obsession with the royal family. They’re not our leaders. And I was never impressed by Charles nor Diana. Now if this was a Doctor Who knitting book I’d be all over it. (I want 4’s scarf!)

  8. Very creative stuff! Although I’m not sure that knitting is the best medium for making a sword. It’s a bit… flaccid, isn’t it?

    1. I can’t believe they didn’t stick a coat hanger or pipe cleaner in there for the photo so it doesn’t look bendy! Bad photo styling!

  9. If you have time to knit a crown, maybe you should re-evaluate your life.

    1. Ouch, I disagree. And most knitting projects take a while. Would you say someone who knits hats or socks needs to evaluate his or her life? I knit socks and I imagine they take longer than this crown would.

  10. I didn’t know about this book, and ran off to order it as soon as i saw it. It looks to me as if it has real wit — much more interesting than recent “Knit Your Own Royal Wedding” or “Knit Your Own Great Britain” books. I would be delighted to find this on the knitting shelf of any library — but thanks for including it, or I wouldn’t have known.

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