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Elton John coverElton John

Submitter: Straight from the juvenile collection of a small public library. Elton John! Well, Elton John circa 1975. 40 years later, there is a lot more to Elton’s story than what is printed here.

Holly: There sure is. He’s better than ever! I’m a big fan of Sir Elton’s. About the only things kids might know about Elton John is the Lion King “Circle of Life” song, and that was looooong after this book was published! Replace this one with a biography of Justin Bieber and buy a newer bio of Elton John for the adult section.

Rock 'n' Pop stars

at the Hollywood bowl

The real Elton

Alias Reg Dwight

Yellow Brick Road


  1. Isn’t Justin Bieber old news? What about One Direction? Do the little girls still like them?

  2. My first rock concert! Darkness, swirling CO2, the opening strains of Funeral for a Friend! A single spot shines on the grand piano at the very instant Elton starts the quiet piano solo…

  3. Elton John ever looked like that? I’m 59 and can’t him being young at all.

  4. The unnamed hostess in the opening section (about the Hollywood Bowl concert) was Linda Lovelace of “Deep Throat” fame. But, we can’t tell kids about her, lol! Such a delightfully sanitized version of his outrageous life. I have got to get a copy.

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