Robot Overlords

Robots coverRobots

Submitter: Just weeded this from my elementary school library (where I’ve worked halftime for three years).  Just a little horrified I’ve only now come across it.

Holly: Please tell me it’s not because it was checked out! Funny how things get missed, though. You find them years later and think “WTH?” There are some great pictures of old robots below, but if you want to see some real robot action, check this out! (FIRST Robotics is awesome. Seriously.)

Slave robot

robot walking a dog


  1. I’ll second the recommendation to check out FIRST Robotics. There are some really bright high school kids out there! (Probably should confess that I’m biased – my son’s team was one of the top four rookie teams this past season.)

  2. This book could use an update, because there are so many robots now that do actual useful stuff, such as robots for police force for bombs, drones that the military uses, any number of machines that are used to help build things in industry. Hey, even books on robot wars and that First Robotics thing that you mentioned (and yeah First Robotics is pretty cool).

    This book looks older than 1983, more like the 50’s or 60’s. That last picture reminds me of the Jetsons a little bit.

  3. Oh, man, I loved the New True Books when I was a little girl. The New True Book on archaeology had me convinced for years that I wanted to be an archaeologist. That didn’t end up panning out, but I’ll always have a soft spot for this series.

    That said, I was reading these books twenty years ago! Definitely time for an update. Put the old ones in a book sale so nostalgic once-were-children like me can pick them up for their private collections.

    1. Yah, I have fond memories of that series, too, around 1989. That said, my library probably weeded and replaced it by the late ’90s, and rightly so! 🙂

  4. I waiting for robots to be advanced enough to attach mylar covers to books…wait….adhesive covers too! 🙂

  5. Some lazy people who don’t do right by their dogs could really use that dog-walking robot!

  6. The robot on the cover looks like he has ice cubes for eyes. Once they melt, he might rust!

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