Rhythmic Activities

Rhythmic Activities

Rhythmic Activities Series II
Stuart and Ludlam
1955, 1963

Submitter: This set of cards with songs and activities is not only ancient and falling apart, it’s also not even remotely useful to our users (academic library). We do have an Education program, but no self-respecting teacher or teacher-in-training wants something this old! Though it did circulate last in 1995.

Holly: I think you can weed this one on condition alone! Cute idea, just wayyyy outdated.

Rhythmic Activities envelope

Rhythmic Activities Preface




  1. Oh, 1955? Could I have some newer instructional material? And make that newest instructional material, please. So newest it comes from tomorrow, you know, just be on the safe side of this year far away from 1955.

  2. Definitely cute — probably get something for it in the book sale or online, even in this shape.

    It predates ZIP codes!

    I wonder what the activities were, and what songs they used.

  3. Looks like a museum piece! I’m genuinely curious as to what the suggested music titles are — I’m picturing double-speed square dancing.

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