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The Teen-ager’s menu cookbook

Hey you groovy teens! Let’s get cooking! You will find all your favorite recipes. I selected a few favorites so I know you will want to jot down some ideas for your next party. My favorite: the cottage cheese stuffed hotdog. Really. I am sure all the teens will want to try your menus that include fish pudding or turkey macaroni. The kids will love it!

Yes, this lovely cookbook is still in circulation. I doubt many teens have been checking this book out, given the recipes, so the book is in reasonable shape. These cookbooks are usually a hoot to look at and have a place in a retro cookbook collection. I doubt it would work for a modern teen collection. It does have potential as some type of food fear factor resource.

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  1. The recipes are dated, but I like the overall approach to meal planning and prep. There’s a shopping list for fresh ingredients (meat, veg) and stuff that most households won’t have on hand, and a checklist of things that most homes of the era would have lying around (how I remember instant potatoes!). The list of utensils is a nice touch – no surprises when you’re halfway through meal prep and you discover that you don’t, in fact, have a pan that will hold your main dish.

  2. How could any self-respecting food writer put out this crap?! Canned mushrooms, that strange rubbery tasteless substance. Powdered “mashed potatoes,” with all their wondrous additives. It’s a wonder the “recipe” for corn on the cob included actual butter. And that poor rump roast, cooked for 2-1/2 hours.

    Why is a teen cookbook necessary to begin with? When I was a teenager I could read a regular cookbook.

    1. Modern instant potatoes aren’t so bad. I prefer real but with my mom’s arthritis I can understand why she prefers making instant.

  3. I … guess if you cook from this, everyone at the table will have that popular Twiggy figure, because they’ll be unable to eat? I’m mildly nauseous just looking at the fish pudding and stuffed hot dogs.

    The turkey casserole is actually a pretty good idea for after Thanksgiving. I think I’d mix it all up (like the tuna casserole we’ve discussed) rather than have the macaroni underneath.

    But wow, that corn on the cob is going to be unevenly/overcooked. When did we develop the technology to just soak the husk and put it on the BBQ that way? Why shuck and double-wrap it in the coals?

    Far out, man.

    1. Here’s how I do corn on the cob:

      1. Boil a large pot of water.

      2. While waiting for the water to boil, shuck the corn. Be sure to get all the little silky hairs.

      3. When the water is boiling, toss the corn in the pot.

      4. Wait ten minutes.

      5. Drain the water.

      6. Season the corn to taste and serve immediately.

      1. See I steam it in a veggie steamer, then put it briefly on the BBQ to give it a bit of a roasted taste. Then let people put the seasonings they like. I prefer just salt and butter, my parents like butter and garlic.

  4. I guess the author figured teenagers would be too lazy to peel and mash potatoes by hand. In my case they would be right. Whenever my mother asked me to peel potatoes for supper it was like she asked me for one of my kidneys. And whenever I tried to peel one I’d take half the potato off along with the peel. If I switched to our little carrot peeler instead of a knife, it would take me ten minutes to peel just one potato. Fun times.

    Good thing you can now buy frozen potatoes already peeled and cut up. 🙂

    1. Just the name would put people off. I wondered why they didn’t call it a mousse — salmon mousse sounds elegant, even. Fish pudding — something for the cat.

  5. Canned foods ? Powdered mashed potatoes?? [clutches pearls] What is the world coming to ??? Get my smelling salts ! Really, that kind of stuff was good enough for our moms, why not for us ?

  6. A can of frozen shrimp soup? What the? The only canned frozen stuff I’m familiar with is juice concentrate.

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