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1001 Decorating ideas

1001 Decorating Ideas
Carter and Bernard, ed.
Consolidated Trimming Corp.

Looking for some decorating help? Look no further! There are so many ideas here (over a thousand!). Turn your home into a showplace!  My personal favorite is the pink and red master bedroom. I’m curious why there is a book on the floor. You would think they would pick up since someone was coming over to photograph the bedroom. Maybe it is there to distract from the ridiculous red wallpaper or all the ruffles.


decorating a single bed with a green bedspread



pink window treatments

red master bedroom

blue twin beds


  1. Those blue beds look like they are about to take off! I hope the book on the bathroom floor is either Peyton Place or Valley of the Dolls.

  2. 1955 was the year my family moved to a bigger house. I’m so glad my mother didn’t see this book when she decided on my bedroom decor. What I got was bad enough — pink and charcoal plaid dust ruffle and curtains and pink walls.

  3. I get this strong olfactory hallucination of mothballs as I look at the pictures for some reason…

  4. I own this and actually used it 30 years ago to make pinch-pleated drapes. For an apartment. Did not resort to excessive trim, though!

  5. Ball fringe is making a comeback! I just bought a bedspread with “perky white ball fringe” around it, and darn it – it does add “just the right sparkle of femininity!” LOL!

  6. I find it interesting that, like television shows and movies of the time, the photos depict twin beds. Heaven forbid that married couples should sleep next to each other – you know what that leads to!

  7. This why the children of this era became beatniks or hippies. Dreadful! That statement about the white ball fringe adding a touch of femininity — made me want to holler and throw up both my hands.

  8. Now see, I’m just wild about this style. Oh, granted, I wouldn’t have a lot of the fussier stuff like the fringe, but I love the armchair – except that it’s too low to sit in comfortably, but I like the looks – and I adore the lamps.

    Not that I’m arguing for keeping the book, it’s an obvious weeder. But if I knew how to sew I would use it to decorate my room as I have a hard time finding things in stores that appeals to my retro-style loving self.

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