Retro Granny Squares

Illustrated Patchwork Crochet

Illustrated Patchwork Crochet
Contemporary Granny Squares for Clothing and Home Decorating

In the land of crochet styles, nothing says 1970s like a granny square. This had a lot of influence in many of the “fashion” of the time. (I personally sported a sweater vest of granny squares in junior high.) There have been some nice modern takes since this book was published. So we will use the word “contemporary” loosely in this instance.

Aside from the very obvious 1970s vibe, this particular book was in good shape (aside from some yellowing). I have seen better and more modern takes on the granny square, but if it is still getting checked out, doesn’t smell like feet, and works in your library, then by all means hang on to this one. Granny squares will always be part of the crochet universe since they are great for newbies. Stick to baby blankets, because babies don’t care.

Grab those crochet hooks and make yourself a granny square today.

A soon to be granny,

granny squares

rugs and pillows


afghans and pillow

baby blanket

plant holder and bag

hat and cardigan


  1. Anyone else think all the “fashion” of the 1970s was caused by doing too many drugs in the 1960s?

    1. Not the drugs we were doing — we ended up with much better taste than this stuff! It’s awful. I would not have given any of it house room — I think plate #3 is seizure-inducing.

  2. Congratulations Mary! May I make a suggestion? When you leave this vale of tears, be sure to have an unfinished and unidentifiable crochet project in a color combination such as brown, purple, and neon orange tucked away for your children and grandchildren to puzzle over. My own grandmother did this, and we all still wonder what it was and who it was for.

  3. “…if it is still getting checked out, doesnโ€™t smell like feet, and works in your library, then by all means hang on to this one. ”

    This should be done in cross-stitch and handed out with librarian diplomas. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. The color wheels are something Art Student Owl might have an idea about – but “Graphic Granny Seven” is the name of a band, porno, CIA operation, Gerry Anderson show, or manga character.

  4. We were given an old granny square quilt of even earlier vintage than this when furnishing our first apartment (I think the giver wanted to get rid of it). It “somehow” got lost in the move to another state.

    My mom was a yarn and embroidery wizard, but she never did granny squares, because she thought they were too tacky. I have a warm afghan she made, but it’s only red, black, and gray trim, with big squares in fancy yarn stitching.

    However, my BFF still has a granny square afghan her mom made, which is in 70s earth tones, kept for sentimental reasons and only used when all the other blankets are in use. With proper comments on the vintage.

  5. I have a granny square afghan I picked up in a thrift store because it reminded me of the one on the 1960s tv show, Dark Shadows. (I’ve been trying to watch all the episodes in order.) Whenever I do a TikTok that involves my bed as part of the props I actually get a lot of compliments on it from younger folks.

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