Retro 70s Decor

complete home decorating

Complete Home Decorating

Looking for a retro look? Want to induce nausea or maybe dizziness and headaches? Good for you! This book has that and much more! In many ways this book is a salute to home decor for the 1970s.

  • Harvest Gold and Avocado Green
  • Giant overpowering prints for wallpaper
  • Stripes and more stripes
  • Bean Bag Chairs

There are even a few quirks, such as a doll collection,a combo TV/Sewing center, and some weird accent pieces or “Objet d’art” – particularly, that planter in the shape of a head.





kitchen interior

green kitchen

storage and lighting

table setting

desk tv room

living room or den




  1. Why the fake folksy of “Lightin'” ‘N “Storin'”? Was there a shortage of g’s and an excess of apostrophes and quotes?

    Having lived in suburbs through the 70s (and renting a house in the 90s that had last been decorated in the 70s), I have been in the presence of Avocado Green, Harvest Gold, Giant Wallpaper, but thankfully not many stripes. And I loved my beanbag — it was covered in denim and was pear-shaped so it had a backrest. Hauled that around for decades.

    Don’t forget Burnt Orange, the last of the trinity. I think I see some of that, too. But no macramé, which is surprising.

    The head planter — why?

    @FlowCoef: Me neither. Seems counterproductive.

    1. They sure did go to a lot of effort for that head! And the phrase “Lightin’ ‘n’ Storin'” isn’t even a thing.

  2. I don’t think the fan is carpeted, just painted the same shade of green as the carpet and upholstery. And that room with all the clocks looks like a wanna-be TV newsroom

  3. Why do they seem to have B&W pictures that are the same as the color pictures appearing on the facing page? Seems a waste of space.

    Satan’s grandma likes to keep track of the time while she’s torturing people. You think it’s going to be great, getting out of the lake of fire, but instead you have to be in that room, listening to her drone on about distant relatives you don’t know and don’t care about, forced to drink terrible coffee and nod/mm-hmm at appropriate times. And then she shows her slides from the last trip to Tartarus.

  4. I’m always struck by all the clutter in these decorating magazines! I remember even thinking that when I would look through my mom’s old Country Living magazines back in the day. I’m a minimalist when it comes to decorating, I will admit, but all that stuff is going to get dusty!

    1. I like a bit of clutter, but so many of the old home decor magazines/books just had endless things that would collect dust (and couldn’t be effectively cleaned by any means), on top of the gaudy clashing bright colored patterns on everything.

      Despite the clutter in the house, my floors are light wood, and the walls and ceilings remain steadfastly white, with fairly neutral-colored furnishings. They don’t go out of style, and my actually-used stuff therefore can shine out with its colors, as can the photos and posters.

  5. I say keep it; fashion and decor repeat themselves! Bib overalls and bell bottoms are back–lol! It’ll be a matter of time before harvest gold, burnt orange and avocado are “in”…

    1. That’s because whoever makes this up ran out of ideas a long time ago so they just dig up something that was popular twenty or more years ago.

  6. My aunt had that yellow fridge. I had forgotten about her yellow and brown kitchen. For some reason, she painted her mailbox to match. Our fridge was avocado green, along with our washer, dryer, vacuum, and broom. Our bathroom fixtures were all pink. The world was so much more colorful then!

    Oh my god, I sound like my grandmother. Any day now I’ll start wearing puffy vests, carrying hard candies, and watching Johnny Carson…

    1. I have a pink toilet. I can’t stand it because back then they were made about as tall as a kindergarten chair and had the wimpiest flushes. After 2 apartments in a row with wimpy or nonexistent flushes, I’m tired of them. Fortunately the other one I have is normal height and a strong flusher.

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