Republican Cooking

How to Eat Like a Republican coverHow to Eat Like a Republican: Or, Hold the Mayo, Muffy – I’m Feeling Miracle Whipped Tonight

Submitter: This book was just weeded at my public library. It was weeded for low checkouts and there’s a reason why. It’s trying too hard to be funny and the recipes don’t look good at all.

Holly: I bet if you replaced “Republican” with any other group of people, political or not, you’d get the same basic recipes submitted. It’s definitely tongue-in-cheek, and I bet there are libraries where this kind of thing circulates well. I agree that the recipes look kind of dumb. For me, that’s actually what makes it funny! Some of the reviews on GoodReads are pretty funny too.

Fremont Fire Department's Censored Sausage and Stuffing Stew

Gayle's Mashed Corn

Nancy Lindsay's Spotted Dick Nixon

Vel-Veto Power RoTel Dip


  1. As someone raised by staunch Republicans (I mean, their BFFs got an invite to W’s inauguration ball), can confirm this is absolutely correct.

    Although mayo vs. Miracle Whip is a class signifier — if you’re upper middle class or rich, you use mayo. MW is for the lower middle class and poor. Mr. Muffy must be slumming it.

    1. We always used mayonnaise — Hellmann’s, of course — with one exception: crabmeat, which the fishermen’s wives in Maine would pick out, from their husbands’ bycatch, and sell. My mother was convinced that Miracle Whip was better with crabmeat.

  2. As an apolitical Canadian, I can’t even begin to understand why my southern neighbors have politics on the brain. Even worse, it’s spread to many other Canadians. It’s going to be the literal death of us all.

    1. I, on the other hand, cannot understand how people cannot be political and must assume if they aren’t they’re lucky enough to not have people trying to pass policies that remove their rights or have a big negative impact on their life.

      I’m political as I’m trying to prevent literal unnecessary deaths.

  3. Gotta admit, I’d eat the fire department’s stew and just ignore the sodium content. And the Crockpot parenthetical is funny.

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