Remember Dark Shadows?

Demon of Barnabas CollinsThe Demon of Barnabas Collins

Any of you old enough to remember the vampire soap opera Dark Shadows?  I remember it as a show I was not allowed to watch but tried to sneak a peak whenever I could manage it.  I believe one of my friends had a mother that was “cool” with Dark Shadows. As I was looking around for background I didn’t realize they were planning a movie. By the way none of the vampires in this show “sparkle”.

Go Team Barnabas!


Demon of Barnabas Collins back cover

Demon of Barnabas Collins blurb


  1. I love that show. It’s been on reruns. If you’re going to get rid of it; can I have it? I only have ten Dark Shadows books and am trying to get the rest. My collection began at a Library Book sale. They had the whole set but I was pushed out of the way getting the rest of the set in the stampde for them.

  2. Didn’t they try to make another tv series of it? The same as they tried, and failed, with Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

    Nothing can capture the magic of the original. Rubber bats, visible wires, and all.

  3. I watched that show! We all watched it over at a friend’s house. My mother didn’t care, it was just more fun that way! I was in 7th grade.

  4. I watched it when I got home from school. I don’t remember much about it. I also saw the feature film in the theater.

  5. This is the only soap opera I will ever admit to watching because I wanted to! I am fortunate enough to have all the Dark Shadows books! Thank goodness for eBay 🙂

  6. When I worked at a public library in the 1980s, we had a young man with Down’s Syndrome who came to the library every week. He loved Dark Shadows, and would get really upset if he came to the library and all of the books were checked out!

  7. Dark Shadows was awesome! Love the cover of the book. Apparently, Librarian Barnabas is a trying to migrate to (his?) Destiny before its time, and is totally baffled by the scanner!

  8. My library owns most of Dark Shadows on DVD. Multiple patrons have been requesting the various seasons via ILL for a few years now, and we finally decided to just buy them all. No requests for the books though.

  9. @Jami, they did try a remade Dark Shadows tv show. I believe it was a synidcated show in the early 90s that only ran for a season.

  10. Wow, the description on the back of that book certainly doesn’t want you to run into any surprises while reading, does it?

  11. My favorite “Dark Shadows” memory is the day the actor who played Barnabas (Jonathan Frid, I believe his name was) walked out from behind a “wall” (obviously a cheap cardboard prop) with his overcoat/cape thrown over his shoulder while the credits rolled. Apparently he thought the show had cut to a commercial.

    And why does no one mention Quentin Collins, played by David Selby? He was yummy!

  12. Oh I am a HUGE fan of the show. Y’gotta love the massive cheese! I have a few of these books, but I have found that they are a little pricey on Ebay. Hopefully they will reprint them once the new movie comes out.

  13. One of my favorite series of all time. I was one of those kids who ran home after school to catch it. My Mom and I would watch it together and laugh (and loved) all the gaffs. And, of course, the stories were incredible and I still think it was really well written, acted and produced. The older I get the more I appreciate what that little troupe of actors (and other talented people) created, “live on tape.” The series is a permanent part of my dvd library. It really amazes me that it is still so popular after all these years. No other “soap opera” is available on dvd (and ALL the music is available on cd – how many tv shows have done that?). They recreated the entire genre and gave us a new kind of vampire (yes, without ‘sparkles!’) who cared about what he was and looked like he could “pass” in the living world. Very un-vampire like. Such a great, fun show! I still have some of those novels in my collection. They were silly, but I’d love to own the entire set someday. The whole experience has been a wonderful ride. Thanks for sharing! Great scan of the book cover, by the way. Really brings back memories!

  14. My co-workers hate when I say stuff like this, but…my mother loved Dark Shadows. I’ve never seen it myself, but I’ve heard her rave about it. It was recently available on streaming Netflix, not that that would create enough interest to make this book relevant again. It’s in great condition, though.

  15. I know that book quite well. I got totally bogged down reading it and didn’t finish till years later. It is one of the worst in the whole series (32 books!). Ross gets the moviemaking background totally wrong and the plotline makes little sense. Also, like most TV tie ins written in the 60s, Ross has little feel for the characters and gets things wrong that no fanzine writer would ever mess up (the Collinsport Inn becomes the Collinsport Hotel, Caroline’s last name changes back and forth from Stoddard to Collins within a single novel, etc). But there are a few better books (mostly at the beginning and end of the run) and the series itself is a true classic, even with the actors forgetting their lines, bad special effects, and microphones constantly threatening to fall into the shot.

  16. I got my ten Dark Shadows books at a library booksale and would have gotten the rest of the series but I’m short and the other knocked me down. We almost had a fistfight over them.

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