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December holiday madness is in full swing. Those of you looking to expand your repertoire of holiday themed food will probably need this book. Of course there are menus for Thanksgiving or Halloween, but I still am trying to determine what makes something a “Labor Day” meal. For the most part, these are generic recipes that just happen to be stuck under a holiday moniker.

I would like to call your attention to the delicious loaf on the cover. I first thought it was some layered cake dessert. It’s not. (I urge you to read the recipe below.) I can’t wait to hear if any of you make this dish for your next party!



back cover

party sandwich loaf

Easter brunch

Fathers Day dinner


  1. I’m absolutely making that for my next party. Of course, since I’m an anti-social introvert…
    It actually doesn’t seem that bad, but I’d leave out the onions and pickles (I can’t stand either) and the frosting (seems too messy). That leaves you with an odd layered sandwich, but not an inedible sounding one.

  2. I don’t do much holiday cooking because I go to my parents for Christmas. My mom makes a lot of stuff early and then freezes it so it’s not so much work. If my dad saw the Father’s Day Dinner he’d probably say a few unprintable things and then leave, lol. 🙂

  3. My wife makes the sandwich cake in 2 versions – a salmon with white bread and dill cream cheese frosting and a roast beef with soft rye bread and horseradish cream cheese frosting, both are awesome.

    (and yes it is a Swedish thing)

    1. Okayyyyyy….rye, dill, salmon, cucumber…that translates better than ham salad AND egg salad AND wonder bread. It’s the bait-and-switch of frosted layers that turns the stomach!

  4. I thought the filling in the loaf was salmon. I once made a fantastic terrine with basil, spinach, rocket; roast red peppers and goat’s cheese. Took days for it to compress (with a brick on it!) but it was fabulous and a real conversation piece

    1. Now that you point it out, yeah, the kerning is a little crazy with that font. The N nestles up nicely with the E, but butts serifs with the U, thus leaving a gap between N and U that’s slightly too large.

      I don’t think, however that MEN US is a secret message from the patriarchy …

  5. We used to make this under the name Celebration Loaf. It was brought out for fancy teas and events (showers, weddings . . .etc). I would buy the bread already pre-sliced as described from the bakery, the trick was always cutting and serving it.

  6. I collect this sort of crap, sorry, cook book. They alway have Party Loaf and weird shrimp that look disturbingly off.
    All I can say is “The cake is a lie”.

  7. Catching up on your blog, I have a girlfriend who remembered the party loaf fondly from her childhood and had it served at her baby shower a few years ago.

  8. Well, besides the awful salad that no dad would touch with a 10-foot pole, the menu does include Shish Kabobs [sic].

  9. In my neck of the woods, the traditional Fourth of July menu is salmon and peas. I quite like it.

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