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rough men tough men cover

Rough Men, Tough Men
Poems of Action and Adventure
Cole, ed.

This book caught my eye for both the title and the cover art. I thinkĀ  the orange pirate look on the guy is a bit creepy. I also want to remind the editor that ladies can be rough, tough and appreciate a bit of blood and gore in their poetry as well.

The poetry itself is from a variety of authors, including Shakespeare, Tennyson and Swift. There is a lot of good stuff here, but the packaging is geared to elementary school boys from the late 1960s.


Poetry introduction for Rough Men Tough Men



    1. But who is the audience? I associate William Cole with children’s poetry anthologies. The cover art also says “kid,” but the intro is pretty sophisticated.

  1. Scary psycho hippie on the cover, he looks like he’d be friends with Charlie Manson!

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